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    nuc 5i3ryh cannot boot from internal drive


      I bought my 5i3ryh last year from ebay with Windows 7 preinstalled on a M.2 card. I installed a 1TB ata drive as storage and upgraded the Windows to win 10 after I received the computer. Last week, on a power outage, the M.2 card died. Instead of buying a new M.2 card, I swapped the sata drive with a 100gb drive that I kept in a USB case and lay around. As I do not have the Windows installation disk nor the serial number, I decided to install Linux on the computer. (I have been using Ubuntu for many years before I bought the nuc) However, no matter what I do, I keep getting boot device not found error and cannot boot the OS. I tried Ubuntu, Linux Mint and others. I also flashed the latest BIOS. However, when I put the hard drive in the USB case and set the BIOS to boot from USB, I am able to boot into Linux. Now, this is how I am using the computer (boot from external drive). What did I do wrong and how can I make the computer to boot from internal drive? Although, I am not an expert, I do know I have to go into BIOS and change the boot sequence.