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    What causes loud scratchy noise then reboot?


      I just installed a new BP35BP MoBo that was a replacement for my old BP35 that went out on me and have a Intell core Dual 05 E6850 3htz 4M cache 1333/06 installed with 4- 1GB PC2 6400 chips w 2 500 g Seagates and 1 200 g seagate on my system.

      So after after some time 5 minutes or now 20 minutes since last reboot there willbe a screaching sound lasting from 1 sec to maybe 4 at the most then shut down and reboot.  I have the intel utility running and have green lights on all the items that intell can see.  All temps are well within the safe zones nothing close to yellow at all.  The temps of the cpu Mobo I/O and MCM are at least 25 degree below yellow/red thresholds.

      So what is going on with the noise and then reboot??????


      I have looked in several areas an haven't seen anything about noise and rebooting...

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          Is it a sound produced through the speakers or is it a sound produced from inside the PC?! If it is a sound produced by the speaker, then you could have issues with your audio drivers or your sound card. If it is a noise being produced from inside your case, it could be a hard drive, case fan, CPU fan, video card fan... etc. To troubleshoot the speaker issue, you can start by going into the Event Viewer in your administrative tools section and see if any events are being recorded at the time of the sounds. To troubleshoot hardware failure, open the PC's case up and try to locate the position of the sound. Good luck!!