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    BIOS Update makes Kit NUC 8i7HNK unusable




      I installed my NUC with Windows10 and it worked well.


      Then I figure out that BIOS was version 22 from Feb 2018, which was very old (I bought a new product on Amazon 3 weeks ago).

      So I tried to update it to current 49 version.

      I put .BIO file on USB device, asked for update, seen some screen saying it was updating, seen some reboot,

      after 1/2 hour I considered that it was done (no message at all)


      But now, when switching on, it doesn't display anything on the screen (power LED is ON)

      So I cannot use my NUC anymore, could anybody help ?

      Any clue of what I could do ?


      Thanks for any feedback


      Configuration = NUC 8i7HNK / 1TB Samsung nVMe / 32GB Corsair RAM