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    dx58so warrenty dissapointing


      ok the story goes like this...

      My board had some internal problem and I had to send it for warrenty.

      according to what I have read from intel it takes 9 days MAX for the board to return from intel

      and guess how many days has it been??

      3 days from now its gonna be 2 whole months!!!!!!!!!

      last time Intel spoke to me was 3 weeks ago and at that time they said "WHAT your board hasn't arrived YET sir? we'll check it."

      AND thats iTTTTT....

      since then I havn't heard a word from them...

      I was the biggest fan of intel and always bought Intel mainly because of their 3 year warrenty.

      I have a pentium computer

      a pentium 4 computer with intel mobo

      a new core2duo comuter with intel mobo

      a pentium M laptop

      a core2duo notebook

      and I had bought a core i7 6 months ago

      but if this is the kind of 3 year warrenty intel is ready to offer then sorry intel but you just lost another customer

      First you guys give me a defective board and then you take it away indefinity without any news of it!!

      when I call my reseller he says wait 3 more days...and has been sayin it for the past 2 weeks..

      I am sick of it and I am sick of intel's crappy warrenty!!!

      I just wanted to bring this into notice of Intel that this is what its happening to its warrenty claiming custemers.


      Will never buy intel ever ever ever again.....

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          LOL dude, do not complain about it, as you said they got a very good warranty and at LEAST you are able to use it, Im from south america and they does not offer RMA servive here so i can not return the board to get a new one and i have a bricked dx58so just because they WONT test the BIOS releases before uploading them into the download site, and again they WONT tell you "HEY IF YOU ARE ABOUT TO FLASH YOUR BIOS DONT DISABLE THE WATCHDOG"... just be patien they wont ROB you the board maybe got lost in the mail or something but you will get your board back for sure!!

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            Your board probably got mixed up. You will get it as what Sedek has said.

            If you are in another popular manufacturuer (that's what they claim) you will be asked to pay 400 usd for a factory defective board. Plus a very long wait for their tech support and a very emotionally stressful "point system" that they will apply to you.

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              i don't get it....

              y would i have to pay 400 for a board that i had bought

              when that board returns im gonna ditch it and go for the asus p6t delux v2

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                Intel does not charge those 400$ from you but another companies will.. read the warranty term.. lol.. I got an asus but hey i got a long time with intel (about 18 years) and i never had problems with them until now, I can say that Intels quality is superior than any other, if you didnt get your board back yet( a new 1), is maybe cause a mail mistake not intel`s mistake.. so be patien and ask intel for the track number and go track the package in the mail..

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                  As what you have written you will never buy from Intel again. That means that you are buying from another company. So I wrote that perhaps you want to buy from the popular company that charges it's customer 400 usd for their defective motherboard. Or perhaps you would like to buy from another popular company that charges you a 25% restocking fee if you return their product.

                  For me Intel is still a better company.

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                    I still don't understand the 400 $ thiung....

                    what does the warrenty state about that?? and what other companies...??

                    and to the user who says Intel is still a better company...

                    I thought so too....and I refused to listen to the billions of voices that screamed INTEL has lost its touch...

                    But I have news for you....Intel HAS lost its touch....I should have listened to them before

                    It took them 13 years to build my trust, but just 2 damm months to loose it....

                    ASus and Evga are MUCH MUCH better in thier sevices...

                    I'm gonna go with them now..