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    Intel 82576-2T's driver igb- for iMax6 platform and linux kernel(3.0.35)


      Hi, everyone!

           There is a question confused me for a week. i use Intel 82576-2T's pcie borad on Imax6 arm platform, the driver is igb-, and the kernel version is 3.0.35. i compiled the driver and configered the kernel, but it doesn't work.So i try to check the source code of igb-, i found the driver register function API is " pci_register_driver(&igb_driver)". Suddenly, i figured out that the Intel 82576 card is pcie interface. Why the API is pci_register_driver? While i think  the pcie driver should use "platform_driver_register". it is not compatilbe now.

            Then i search the net source about linux pcie driver and pci driver about a week, it really burn my head...

            Now, i doubt whether this driver can run this platform or not? Is there someone meet the same question? Hope everyone reply.