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    Do D400 series work with Microsoft Gesture SDK?


      Do the RealSense D400 series work with Microsoft Gesture SDK?


      Should be very easy to test if you have the a D415 or D435 camera by installing Microsoft Gesture on a Windows machine and start Gesture Discovery geek view.

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          As far as I can tell, Microsoft Project Gesture is still limited to RealSense SR300 and Kinect V2.


          There is an alternative gesture design system called TouchDesigner that has been around for a long time.  Its docs say that its image-data module (TOP) has now been updated to support D415 and D435, but the module that handles hand and finger tracking (CHOP) still uses the older cameras.


          TouchDesigner Documentation - Main Page

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            The Microsoft Gesture system is based on their Project Prague framework - which frustratingly has not been updated in about a year.

            As such it currently only supports the realsense SR300 sensor.


            Like many in house MS projects - these sorts of projects often start their life inside Microsoft Labs - where someone champions the idea and are allowed to experiment and develop the idea as a research project.

            But frustratingly in many cases the original champion of the project will move on to another project - or their work will be absorbed into some different project - and often the original Labs project gets left behind and no further development occurs.

            In this case its the Microsoft Cognitive Services Lab - Microsoft Cognitive Services Labs - Cognitive Services LabsVISIONProject GestureProject Ink AnalysisSEARCHProject Local …


            As such there is no guarantee that there will be any commercial level release of the lab work - though in many cases the underlying work may eventually make it into other projects.


            Its likely that some of this work will make its way across to Cognitive Services | Microsoft Azure which is the new home of the ms Cloud based services what may possibly feature the Kinect 4.0 hardware soft announced at Develop in may this year by microsoft.


            There are possibly some plans under that platform for gesture capabilities apparently - though these may be closely associated with the next generation of hololens technologies as well.