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    Lots of black spots in D435's depth image.


      I'm currently using both the D415 and D435 cameras, and I'm having issues with D435's depth image where it shows too many black spots and is overall too noisy. On the other hand, D415's recording is quite smooth.


      I've added three images to this post so that other users can see the depth image as well. One image is from the Intel Realsense Viewer. The other two are from the Depth Quality Tool for Intel Realsense Cameras, where one is the standard depth image and the other one is an infrared image. I've noticed that the black spots overlap with the infrared's laser points, as shown in the infrared image.


      Is there a way to remedy this issue, or could the camera be considered defective?


      EDIT: After playing around with post-processing filters, the hole-filling filter seems to work correctly as it "fills-in" the black spots. However, I still didn't expect the image to be so noisy when left untouched. The question now would be, is it normal for the raw depth image to be this noisy when not applying filters?

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          The d435 does not do distances well ... Up close out to say 1m it is pretty clean ... Beyond that it's very unpredictable. 

          The only option is post processing to fill holes


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            It is normal for the D435 to have greater noise ("RMS error") in its depth image over distance than the D415 model.   It is one of the consequences of its hardware design, which has the plus-points of a wider field of view, a faster 'global' shutter than the D415's 'rolling' shutter, and a smaller minimum distance (the camera can be closer to objects).


            In the RMS error chart below, the upper orange line is the D435 and the lower green line is the D415.



            If you need higher accuracy at close range, it is possible to alter the 'depth scale' of the camera.


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