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    D510MO serial ports arent working - any suggestions




      I've recently purchased a D510MO motherboard and am running it with the 80 GB SSD and an ultra small 80 watt power supply.  I've loaded several windows OSes on it without issue and would say that so far I am very impressed with the system.  I have been unable though to get the serial ports working on any of these builds and am looking for help.  My initial diagnosis was bad motherboard and returned the motherboard and got a 2nd.  Now that the 2nd motherboard has the same problem as the first I need some help.  Can anyone assist with either BIOS config or other to get these working?


      The application I'm trying to use is cpuxa which communicates with a home PLC (adi ocelot).  I am receiving an error when I try to use this app over the serial port:  Access violation at address 0041348b in module 'cpuxa.exe'. read of address 00c72697.  To validate the OS and app build I have installed a usb to serial adapter which works just fine...


      Appreciate your help!

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          You might want to verify the serial ports are wired correctly.  I know that Intel uses an Intel specific ribbon to DB9 assembly.  When ever I order these I really have to be attentive to insure the adapter is wired correctly for INTEL motherboards.  That might be your serial problem.  Good luck.  Let us know.



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            I have the same problem. I am running the D510MO with Windows 7 Pro, latest patches etc. The ports show up correctly under windows, they can be opened, but nothing is sent or received by the ports.


            I have checked the wiring, not using any hardware flow control or the usual things that cause problems. I am using exactly the same test rig as before, only difference is Windows 7 and the D510MO.


            I am guessing at possibly an Intel / Windows 7 driver problem maybe??


            Can anyone shed any light on this?


            Thanks, Ian

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              The only thing I can suggest is make sure the cable you are using is for Intel motherboards.  You might even try to trace the snd/rec pins from the db9 to the end of the ribbon cable and make sure they are plugging into the correct pins on the motherboard.  Then you will be assured you have the correct cable.


              Good luck.



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                I just received the same board as a gift and am having the same issue with various serial port devices.  Like you suggested I did track it down to the incorrect cable for connecting a DB9 port to the motherboard.  Now I have the correct cable and am able to communicate with some devices, but not others.  I now have a LinkTH device (for temperature/humitidy monitoring) able to communicate with my machine.  But, for some reason my GPS (Magellan GPS 315, for time reference) is not able to communicate even though it works perfectly fine when connected with a Keyspan USA-19HS usb to serial adapter.  I have verified the port parameters are set correctly and have tried different OS's to make sure it wasn't a driver issue.


                I am wondering if it is the connection speed of 4800bps or possibly the signal levels of the GPS causing the issue.  Does anyone have the actual specs on the controllers for the serial ports on this motherboard?




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                  Thanks for the reply Stew.


                  I am pretty sure the problem is not with the cabling or the modem I have connected. I have swapped the D510MO motherboard with another motherboard that I know is OK, and that works perfectly. I don't have an oscilloscope to trace the lines, otherwise I would.


                  My guess is that there maybe incorrect wiring, not on the RD/TD pins, maybe the hardware flow control pins that may be causing the UART to lock, or there maybe a fault with the driver.


                  Has anyone experience of the serial ports actually working with any OS?


                  Regards, Ian