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    Intel dual band wireless 9560 poor download to upload speed ratio


      I am using the Dell G7 laptop, with an Intel i-7-8750H processor and a dual band 9560 card.

      On my 5.0 ghz wave, I am getting upload speeds of 400+ mbps but my download speed is capped at around 70mbps. My download is capped at 70mbps regardless of whether i am connected to the 2.4 ghz or 5.0 ghz wave. I should be getting at least similar download speeds relative to my upload speed, but this is not the case.

      Never seen this before.

      Methods I have tried to mitigate the problem or verify what the problem is.

      Verifying whether it is a router problem:

      1. Used my Galaxy S8+ and connected to the same 5.0 ghz wave. I obtained around 360mbps download and 300mbps upload.

      Verifying whether it is a laptop hardware issue.

      1. Connected my Dell G7 via a Cat 6 ethernet cable through the ethernet port. I received download speeds of  around 950 mbps, indicating that the laptop is capable of such speeds. Naturally, using a wireless connection would yield slower speeds, but 70 mbps is bit too small.


      Seems to be a problem with the intel wireless 9560 card. It is baffling that i am getting upload speeds 7-8 times faster than my download speed.

      Link 1: With 5.0 ghz wave



      Link 2: With Cat 6 ethernet cable LAN connection




      ALL download/ upload speeds were measured using Ookla Speed Test.