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    4K Resolution Refresh Rate


      Hi there,

      I bought a new 4K monitor yesterday (LG 32UD59) and attached to my ASUSPRO B9440UA laptop.

      (CPU: Core i7 7500U - VGA: Intel HD Graphics 620 - RAM: 16GB)



      My display on the monitor is laggy, I was checked the refresh rate, Max rate is 30Hz & I can't increase the refresh rate to 60Hz.

      I'm using the original manufacture HDMI cable.

      My Display Driver version is on Windows 10.



      Help me, please.

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          I looked through the documentation for this laptop. At its most technical, it simply lists the expansion port as supporting USB 3.1 Gen 1. Specifically, it makes no mention of whether any of the USB-C Alternate Modes are supported. Without either the DisplayPort or Thunderbolt Alternate Modes being supported, the maximum throughput of the port is limited to 10 Gb/s. My understanding is that, in order to display 4K@60Hz, you need to support a bit rate of approximately 18 Gb/s. Bottom line, unless one of the Alternate Modes is supported (and just wasn't mentioned in their online documentation), you only have the bandwidth to support 4K@30Hz.