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    Intel i5 processor Power throttling?



      I bought an Acer Nitro laptop last year with specs i5 7300HQ, Nvidia GTX 1050Ti, 8 Gb RAM, and 1Tb of HDD.

      This year I wanted to buy another one for my brother and came across Asus laptop with Specs i5- 8300H, Nvidia GTX 1060 6Gb, 8Gb RAM, 128SSD+1Tb HDD.

      The specs looked great on paper, but I came across a review wherein the person said that the processor has been "Power throttled to 25W" due to which it doesn't reach the full potential.

      I dig deeper into "Power Throttling" and ran a few tests on my Acer Laptop. I ran the stress test using Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, wherein it said "No power throttling", "No Thermal Throttling" yet the core frequency could only go to 3.1Ghz, instead of the 3.5Ghz as mentioned on Intel's website for the CPU.

      Request someone to please shed some light on this matter as am very much confused as the max TDP that my i5-7300HQ reaches according to XTU is 25W.


      Please help me understand what is going on, and how can I check on a new laptop if the processor has been "power throttled".




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          Hello nikhil.khurana
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          Allow me to share with you that power throttling feature is usually set to secure the system when it is reaching high temperatures that could put in risk the hardware, in case of the laptops systems this is set by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) during the design, I would recommend reviewing system specification/manual for this information or also, contacting the OEM for this information. 
          Hope this help.
          Leonardo C.