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    NUC7i7BNH WOL 설정방법




      메인보드 - 파워 항목에서 WOL 설정을 했습니다만 작동이 안됩니다

      윈10 랜카드 속성 - 구성 - 고급 탭에 보면 보통 WOL 설정이 있어야 하는데 이 장비엔 없네요


      WOL 사용할 수 있도록 설정방법좀 부탁드립니다

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          All of the parameters that are necessary to set up support for WoL are provided in either the BIOS or in the properties for the Intel Ethernet Connections I219-V device.


          If what you are talking about is support for WoWLAN, I am not sure that it is supported and thus I have never tried to enable or test it. I do, however, see the parameters that I would expect to see in the properties for the Intel Dual-Band Wireless-AC 8265 device.



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            Answer Thank you very much.
            I had the latest version of 23.2 installed.
            The NIC update made the WOL menu and works well.

            Thanks again for your reply.