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    how to extract IR images from Realsense zr300


      Dear all,
           Im new for embedded code and i have tried to use cpp-headless in librealsense.vc12  :
      <hand_tracking_samples/third_party/librealsense/librealsense.vc12 at master · IntelRealSense/hand_tracking_samples · GitH… >.
            After compiling, I can get only 1 image as PNG format from cpp-headless which called cpp-headless.cpp from <hand_tracking_samples/cpp-headless.cpp at master · IntelRealSense/hand_tracking_samples · GitHub >



      I have 2 questions:

        1. Is it possible to modify to get more IR images by modifying cpp-headless.cpp? If it is possible, please guild me how to do that.
         2. is there anyway to get IR images when the realsenes zr300 is recording?

      (i used ubuntu 16.04)



      Thank you so much