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    NUC8i7HVK boot delay


      Does anyone else have a 5 sec boot delay, from the time the power button is pushed to the time the Intel NUC logo appears?


      There seems to be a configuration issue with the Hades Canyon, after the 5 sec delay it will boot to a screen which has "Setup" and "BBS" on the upper right corner. It then proceeds to the normal boot screen and booting windows.


      The 6th and 7th gen NUC's didn't have this issue, they booted to Windows in less than 2-3 seconds, and that's without fast boot enabled.


      I am on the 47 version bios with 32GB of Corsair RAM 2400Mhz, if that matters.

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          H LanWan,


          I have the same configuration as you do and the "delay" of 5 seconds is typical. I haven't been able to improve upon that boot time, though I have been tempted to replace my M.2 SSD and memory, with faster versions, but the cost is prohibitive (for me).


          The Startup and BBS at the top right of your screen is also normal.

          Bios version 0049 is the latest and can be found here:


          Download BIOS Update [HNKBLi70.86A]



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            Do you have 32GB, 2400MHz RAM in your unit as well? I was wondering if that had something to do with it, since some computers have to initialize large amounts of RAM before booting up.

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              Yes, I have the same configuration. Memory size (total memory) may increase the boot time fractionally, but not 2 seconds worth, IMHO.

              Perhaps the more enlightened amongst us can wax lyrical.

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                I had the exact same question regarding boot times, and I have the same delay that you have. It seems to be something unique to this model of NUC, and nothing that we can control or shorten.



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                  So it seems like every unit is affected, regardless of their setup. I am beginning to suspect this is due to the inclusion of AMD graphics along with the embedded Intel graphics.

                  The system is not properly configured to use the AMD graphics as primary but goes back and forth between the 2 GPU's before settling on AMD.


                  Can someone from Intel look into this matter? Maybe a BIOS update can fix this?


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                    Al Hill

                    "So it seems like every unit is affected"


                    That is a pretty broad statement, more likely an invalid conclusion based on invalid premises.


                    It may be by design and not a problem at all.  A bios update is also premature.  We should wait for one of the Intel support engineers to comment before we assume this is a problem.



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                      So far 2 people here confirmed the boot delay, along with a few people on a recent separate thread.




                      Yes, I would like to hear directly from one of the support staff but calling this  " by design " is highly naive.


                      The fact that previous generation NUC's didn't have this issue along with almost every other UEFI based computer in existence points to the fact that this is a flaw.

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                        I have the sixt and sevent generation NUC and its takes about 10 seconds till I can see the Intel logo. During this time the Bios code is loaded to RAM memory, the devices are initialized ang POST is executed. Changing the SSD will not shorten this process.


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                          Al Hill

                          "calling this  " by design " is highly naive"


                          As is declaring it a problem.



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                            The exact word I used was "suspect".


                            Suspecting something is actually the opposite of a declaration. Please read carefully before making rash comments.

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                              Al Hill

                              Can you not just wait for a proper response, rather than argue some senseless point?



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                                Al Hill

                                "Maybe a BIOS update can fix this?"


                                You want a bios update for a "suspect" problem?



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                                  There was absolutely no need for your initial comment. You bring nothing constructive to this thread.


                                  Why are you posting on every Intel thread? Are you an employee or a contractor for Intel? You do not even own the Hades Canyon unit.


                                  Looking through your previous posts, you have a history of aggressive and condescending behavior.


                                  Please do not post on this threat.

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                                    Al Hill

                                    I am not an Intel employee or contractor.

                                    I do not post on every thread, but I do have multiple posts on this thread.

                                    I do not have a Hades Canyon nuc.  I have two other nucs. CORRECTION - three other NUCS.


                                    I will continue to post.  You  simply do not like anyone challenging you.  And, for your first post, you have started off on the wrong foot.


                                    So, calm down, and wait for one of the support engineers to respond.



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