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    RealSense firmware 5.10.3 release notes (D435 hardware sync now available)


      Hi everyone,


      The release-notes documentation for the RealSense firmware have now been updated to include the contents of the current 5.10.3 firmware version.  Sincere apologies for the delay in publication.


      New features in 5.10.3


      -  Hardware sync feature for multiple camera configuration is supported for RealSense depth camera D415 and D435.  The feature supports depth frame synchronization.


      Fixes in 5.10.3


      -  Camera stuck after streaming stop-start at low FPS for few times


      -  Darker depth frame when changing depth exposure from [165760 - 165780] and connected through USB2


      -  Calibration tables may get corrupted during power on and off cycles




      The notes add that the error "Windows driver [mskssrv.sys] may crash with D400 series cameras in stress test conditions" has been fixed in Windows 10 RS4.


      You can access the full notes, including unresolved issues that are still 'Open', at the link below.