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    Why is Intel ONLY allowing wireless NICs to work on specific platforms?


      Hello there.


      To my disappointment, I find that several wireless cards that have been manufactured by Intel for OEMs, and in this case, Lenovo, are disregarded by the Intel Wireless drivers for Windows (example). These cards are parts that are given FRU numbers by Lenovo. They work fine on Linux systems, supported by the iwlwifi kernel driver.


      The issue comes in Windows, where Intel actually has checks in place for specific PCI DEVICE IDs in the .sys files of the drivers and prohibits them from working unless the whole system is from Lenovo.

      I can confirm some IDs that will show a Code 10 error in Device Manager on such systems.

      • 08B2
      • 08B4
      • 095B
      • 24F4
      • 3166


      These devices, which actually work perfectly fine with the current drivers are explicitly blocked from operation on non-Lenovo systems. I would like to ask WHY that is. Why not let them work, like in Linux systems? I am honestly disappointed with this practice.