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    NUC8i7HVK HDMI signal problem




      I have a quite annoying video problem with my NUC8I7HVK, the video signal keeps refreshing randomly (the TV detect the NUC as the HDMI cable was just plugged)


      Le nuc is connected to the TV using a HDMI cable..(HDMI 2.0 Câble, gold contacts, Ultra HD 4K rés 4096 x 2160p (60Hz), 32 cannals, Ethernet Speed 100MB/s, 4K 3D Support, Retour Audio (ARC), 18Gbps)


      I tried using a Mini Diplay- HDMI cable but the resolution is only of 1080P (this is surely due to the cable limitation.. i will try with a new high-end cable soon)


      My config is as follows:



      RAM 16 Gig 3200, HyperX HX432S20IB2K2/16 Kit (supported&tested by intel..)

      Samsung 970 EVO 1to

      Windows 10 pro 64x with update1803

      Latest Bios 0049 (08/01/2018)

      Latest Radeon driver 18.7.1 (08/10/2018)

      Latest IntelHD driver (08/8/2018)

      TV Sony Z9D with last update..


      Tks for your ideas/support