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    i am also having some error during installation of hd 630 graphics.


      my specs - msi h310m provdh  , i3-8100

      i tried to intstall hd graphics versiob

      i tried to install package with both type of exe. and zip. file

      error1.jpgerror1.1.jpg with direct install the setup is saying ' the installation package is not supported by you proccessor type '

        and with the zip method when i select the file in graphics folder named as 'igdlh64' it says  the folder you specified doesn't contain a compatible software driver for your device.if the folder contains a driver make sure it is designed to work with windows for x64-based systems.  i have installed windows 10 64 ver 10240 multiple times to configure the fault as i thought it was an error during installation of windows but still getting same error.  please help meerror 2.jpgerror2.1.jpghelp me please