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    Google Earth flickers when run on Q45/Q43 chipset graphics based PC


      We have several users reporting an issue with Google Earth when running the application on our Acer Veriton L670 PC's.  These PC's all have Q45/Q43 chipset display adaptors.


      The issue is that the view pane of the Google Earth application flickers (or blinks)  at irregular intervals, but especially when first opening the application.


      I have tested the application on other models running other chipsets and the issue does not occur, it seems to be limited to this particular model / chipset and occurs in both OpenGL and DivX mode


      The PC's are running Windows XP.  The graphics driver versions are (however I have upgraded one PC to with no effect).  Google Earth versions affected are 5.0.11337.1968 (beta) and 5.1.3534.0411.


      Any assistance appreciated.