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    What is the default configuration in rs2::pipeline start() ?


      I'm interested in knowing what is the default configuration used when calling start():


      // Declare RealSense pipeline, encapsulating the actual device and sensors

      rs2::pipeline pipe;


      // Start streaming with default recommended configuration



      The reason as to why I want to know this, it is to see if I can optimize the depth quality received from the camera. I'm currently using both D415 and D435 to create point cloud objects and process them with the Point-Cloud Library. This makes it very important for me that the depth data be as precise as possible.


      When utilizing the default configuration, I'm left wondering if the left and right IR cameras are being used. Or maybe, I wonder if the resolution is too low. That's why I'm really interested in what is the default configuration I'm using. If there are any advices on how I can improve the quality of depth data received from the camera for my applications, I'd really be thankful if you could share it with me.