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    Problems installing the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant .


      Dear Intel Co.,


      When you try to scan for updates, the software asks you to update your Intel® Driver & Support Assistant version.

      I download the link to the program file that the installation asks for the file.".. .msi" , if you cancel the installation, you receive the error 0х80070643

      Version installed.

      Opera browser - 55.0.2994.44


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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello FantaStick,

          I understand that you are not being able to scan the system with the Driver & Support Assistant since it asks you to update but the update fails. 

          Regarding this, I would like you to try to fully re-install the Intel ® Driver & Support Assistant. In order to do so, please follow the steps below:

          1 - Go to "settings" and then "apps".
          2 - Search for Driver & Support Assistant, and uninstall it from there.
          3 - Reboot the system. 
          4 - Download the Driver & Support Assistant from the link below and run the installation: 
          5 - When the installation is complete, please reboot the system and try to re-scan with the Driver & Support Assistant. 

          Let me know the outcome to see if the update shows still as available or if it completes the scan.

          I hope this helps.

          David V