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    AC 9260 Bluetooth problem




      I'm use AC 9260 adapter with latest drivers:

      Intel® Wireless Bluetooth®  Windows® 10 x64 Ver 20.70.0

      Intel® PROSet/Wireless driver Windows® 10 x64 Ver 20.70.0


      When I tray to connect to AC 9260 using Bluetooth in BLE 5.0 mode from our device based on Nordic nRF52840 chip, AC 9260 allow only connect in BLE 4.0 mode:

      PHY: 1 Mbps, ATT MTU = 23 bytes, Data_Length 27, Connection interval: 7.5 millisecs and reject any other option.

      Please tell me, how can I enable BLE 5.0 in AC 9260?