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    DG45ID - How do I improve RAID 5 rebuild time?


      On my DG45ID, I've set up a RAID 5 array with four 1TB drives.  The ~ 3TB capacity is split between a 2TB volume and a 1TB volume.


      The RAID is currently rebuilding after a drive error.  The rebuild time, as reported in the Matrix Storage Manager, is awful - 77 hours reported for the 1TB volume and 227 hours reported for the 2TB volume.


      Is there any way to improve the performance of the rebuild?  10 days, if accurate, is completely unacceptable.  Is it possible to increase the priority of the process, or to suspend the rebuild of the 2TB volume for long enough for the 1TB volume rebuild to complete?  (I suspect that rebuilding both volumes simultaneously is contributing to the long estimated rebuild time.)


      Thanks in advance for any advice or information.