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    Intel HD 630 Alienware 17 R5 Treiberproblem?



      habe ein nagelneues Alienware 17 R5 , mit einer neuen SSD erweitert (Samsung 970Pro 512 GB).

      Windows 10 neu installiert.

      Das Gerät hat eine, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 und eine Intel UHD 630, beide sind im Gerätemanager vorhanden.

      Wenn ich nun die Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, abschalte, habe ich keinerlei Möglichkeit, die Auflösung zu ändern.

      Bildschirmhelligkeit kann nicht eingestellt werden und das Intel HD Grafik Center ist nicht vorhanden.

      Treiber habe ich alle Installiert.

      Wo könnte das Problem liegen?


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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Tobias33,

          I understand that you are having problems with the resolution and brightness when disabling the dedicated graphics card.

          Regarding this, I will need more information of your system in order to assist you further. Please provide me with an Intel ® System Support Utility report, this report can be generated from our tool, you can refer to the link below so you can download it: 


          Make sure to attach the created report to this thread.

          Also, to better assist you with your request, I will need to check some information about your computer. Please follow these steps: 

          1. In the keyboard, press WinLogo key + R. 
          2. In the Run box please type dxdiag and hit Enter.
          3. Click on Save All Information (save it in your desktop). 
          4. Attach the report to this thread. 

          I would like to know as well, where you are downloading the drivers, are you downloading them from Intel's website or Dell's website?

          David V

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            Hallo David,

            der Bereicht des SSU und DxDiag ist im Anhang.

            Die Treiber der Grafikkarte, habe ich jeweils von Dell und Intel getestet.

            Jeweils ohne Erfolg.

            Da ich Windows 10 neu Installiert habe, wegen einbau einer neuen SSD, habe ich zusätzlich noch sämtliche von Dell angebotenen Treiber Installiert.

            Eventuell finden Sie ja die Ursache.

            Mit freundlichen Grüßen


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              Intel Corporation
              This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

              Hello Tobias33

              Thank you for your response.

              I was reviewing the information provided and apparently everything is in order. Something you can try in order to access the graphics properties of the Intel ® HD 630 is to press and hold the keys: Ctrl+Alt+F12 , this will open the graphics panel. If this does not work then it is possible that the graphics drivers were not installed in the appropriate order since this system is a hybrid graphics system. 

              Something else is that it could be that the manufacturer (Dell) blocked the graphics properties, only allowing you to access the dedicated graphics card's properties, you can also attempt to change the brightness from there as an alternative. In any case, if the above step did not help to open Intel ® graphics properties, you will need to contact the manufacturer for further help.

              I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

              David V