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    Only Microsoft Basic Display Adapter works


      Hello! I have an HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g128ds. For some reason when I enable Intel(R) Graphics Driver in my device manager it works but upon doing certain things the screen goes black on Windows 10. I can log in fine, but if I click the start menu, open volume or networks, open settings, or even get a notification the screen will go black. The PC will continue running in the background until I make the issue go away (Ex: If I open volume the screen goes black, I can make it go back to normal by moving my mouse away from where the volume manager would be and clicking which causes the volume manager to go away).


      I have noticed that all of these things have the modern windows 10 UI.


      I have tried updating the driver using drivers recommended using the Intel Support Assistant as well as using drivers recommended by my manufacturer, neither of which gave me different results.


      Since that didn't work, I tried disabling the driver (thus making the PC use the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter) and the things I mentioned above worked fine after disabling the driver.


      This would be fine if I didn't need to use my PC for gaming or other things, I can browse the internet fine but I can not play games using the Microsoft display. It's just so laggy compared to when I am using the Intel driver.


      I would like to know if there is a fix for this so that I can keep my Intel driver enabled without having to enable and disable it just to do different functions on my PC (Ex: Having to enable it to play games but then having to disable it so I can adjust the volume or open the start menu).

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Ark.Irion

          Thank you for joining the Intel® community.

          Have you tried to complete a lean installation of the Intel® HD graphics diver to your system, this can be accomplish by going into the device manager an uninstalling the drivers one by one until you get to the Microsoft basic display adapter and then install the correct graphics driver for the system, since you have motioned that you have an hp pavilion notebook u would recommend to use the drivers from the original system manufacturer (OEM) for your model and the  operating system (OS)  that you are running. See the steps below.

          Please attach to this thread the TXT file the Intel® System Support Utility will generate: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25293/Intel-System-Support-Utility.

          Steps to save the report:


          1. Run the utility.
          2. Click on “Scan” to get the scanned system.
          3. Once the scan is complete click on “next”.
          4. Use the “save” option, save the report to your desktop.
          5. To attach a file, you must click the “Attach” option on the bottom right-hand corner of the response box.


          Clean installation of drivers:

          First, you will have to download the Intel® HD graphics provided by the OEM that is comparable with the system model and OS version,  once the driver is downloaded please make sure that the unit is not connected to internet during the uninstall/install driver to avoid any automatic update, and follow these steps to uninstall the graphics drivers:

          1. On the keyboard, press WinLogo key + R, then type in devmgmt.msc
          2. Expand the Display Adapters section.
          3. Find the Intel® Graphics Driver. The driver can also be called the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver (Intel® GMA Driver).
          4. Right-click the Intel Graphics Driver and select Uninstall.
          5. Select the checkbox Delete the driver software for this device.
          6. Reboot the computer after the uninstall process has finished.

          Perform these steps until you get to the Microsoft basic display adapter. 

          Once that is completed, please update the graphics driver:


          1. Use the file downloaded previously.
          2. Install the graphics driver provided by the OEM.
          3. Restart your system.


          Hope his help.

          Leonardo C.

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            Hey Leonardo, @attached is the file generated by the System Support Utility.


            I performed a clean installation of the driver as you asked and ensured that my display driver said Microsoft Basic Display Adapter, I then installed the driver recommended by my manufacturer and the issue did not go away.

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              Intel Corporation
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              Hello Ark.Irion

              Thank you for the information.

              Allow me to share with you that upon reviewing the system model on HP website I have noticed the Intel® HD graphics version have a different revision (D, B, C) for example the driver version 4835 has the revision B, this could mean that your system model has also different revision and that if your model does not belong to the B revision this may not work properly. To make be sure about the correct driver version for your system I recommend contacting the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) HP to confirm this information.

              Reference link:

              Hope this help.

              Best Regards,
              Leonardo C.