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    i3 and vPro

    Radu Bogdan

      Does KVM works with i3 CPUs Clarkdale or only with i5 Clarkdale ?

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          Hi! The i3 is not a vPro machine, so it does not have the KVM remote control feature. Here is an excerpt from our technology reference guide:


          KVM Remote Control requires Intel Core i5 or i7 vPro processor with Intel integrated graphics. This feature is not available on all Intel Core vPro processors. Consult your Intel or OEM sales representative for assistance in selecting the correct processor model. The following Intel Core vPro processor models have integrated graphics: Intel Core i5 vPro processor models 540M, 520M, 520UM, 540UM, 650, 660, 670, 680; Intel Core i7 vPro processor models 620M, 640LM, 620LM, 640UM, 660UM and 620UM. Check with your Intel or OEM sales representative for processor availability.

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            Radu Bogdan

            Thank you for the response. It was clear and exactly what I needed.

            Doing some research I found this Intel chipset 3450 http://ark.intel.com/Compare.aspx?ids=42706,47913, and compared it with the Q57 chipset.

            Can this chipset (3450) support KVM ? because it supports AMT 6.0

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              IT Center

              Hi! There are two parts to your question. First, the chipset. The 3450 is not vPro (Intel AMT is one of several vPro ingredients). The required chipsets for vPro are Q57 (desktop) and QM57 (mobile). The second part is the KVM support. KVM remote control requires Intel integrated graphics as part of your PCs configuration. When choosing your PC, make sure that you do not buy a graphics card, but use the integrated graphics instead.

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                Radu Bogdan

                I followed your advise. Thank you

                I've purchased a Intel DQ57TM Motherboard + I5 650 CPU

                I haven'tset up everything for ME or AMT but so far the system works great

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                  excume I am new user and is very very important for us the know about INTEL VPRO, core i3 not have Vpro, but core i5 has Vpro but If I used a integraded video, if I put a addicional video card the VPRO not work ???


                  thank you very much.

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                    Radu Bogdan

                    You are correct

                    i3 CPU does NOT have Vpro

                    i5 CPU has vPro only if you use a i5 CPU that has the video card integrated on the CPU

                    If you use an i5 CPU + external video card you will NOT be able to use the KVM vPro feature