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    Problems with DG45iD and RAID card

      I am currently using a Highpoint RocketRaid card in the PCIe x1 slot of my DG45iD mobo.

      The problem is that because of the BIOS splash screen i do not see the "press Ctrl+H to configure RAID card" notification, and also nothing happens when I keep on pressing Ctrl+H.


      Recently my RAID setup has been giving me some problems, the PC hangs at boot/post (code number 50) if the RAID HDD's are connected to the RAID card. Only way for me to boot is to disconnect the drives, wait for BIOS/POST to get past code 50, press "pause/break", connect HDD's, and press "enter" to continue booting up.


      I really need access to the RAID card's BIOS to see whats going on. Is there any way to disable the BIOS splash screen, so that I can see the POST information and the BIOS of my RAID card.


      And if not, could a "disable splash screen" option be added to a future BIOS update?


      thanks, Richard



      edit: just found this: Re: DG43GT Board Hides Raid Card BIOS Menu

      "You may have an item called Expansion Card Text, in CMOS setup under Security. This should be set to Enable to allow the BIOS in your card to display."


      I will check tonight wether that option is available and effective.


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          Since there is not a list of  validated and tested raid controller card on Intel Desktop Boards, it  would be difficult to provide some troubleshooting here.


          The only  thing that you need to make sure:

          - latest bios version.

          -  latest firmware for raid controller

          - check bios and raid firmware  release notes.

          - enabled expansion card text in the bios  (Security >> Expansion Card Text>> Enabled)


          All the  best,


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