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    mystery overheating ? 7700K w/ WC


      I have a 7700K mounted on a Z270 gaming pro, with a Cooler master MLX-D24M-A20PC-R1 (MasterLiquid ML240R RGB | Cooler Master ) watercooling, with ceramic thermal paste.
      Netherless, my CPU seems to overheat when gaming (pc throttles and crashes (black screen) on the crew 2, a few moments after i start playing, and today crashed while playing overwatch with a second monitor pluged in on the mb, using iGPU, to display chrome)
      I idle at around 40°C, and i passed the intel processor diagnostic tool. I'm pretty sure the crashes doesn't comes from an external source, since i have a 1060 6go, and 8 gigs of DDR4 RAM with and ssd.
      Also, the pc worked fine for quite a time, with thermal paste delivered with the CPU. I had to change to a WC since i clearly had a heat problem (getting to 100°C while stress testing)
      Right now thougth, i can run a heavy load stress test a 100% of CPU usage according to the task manager while hitting around 80°C (wich i still find quite hot, but i'm not a big specialist.
      WhoCrashed doesn't report any failure, so i have no effin clue to why my pc is crashing. could it still be overheating ?