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    DP55KG: Slow BIOS startup


      Hello everybody,


      my DP55KG based system needs about 20s to start an operating system. I'd like to improve the boot time of my computer, so I can't wait so long for the BIOS to startup!
      8s after power on the mainboard beeps, showing the status code E6. Then it takes 7s until the intel logo shows up and after another 5s I can see the first bootloader prints.


      I tried to disable unused peripheral equipment and technologies but whatever I changed in the BIOS settings, it doesn't effect the start time.


      Is there any possibility to reduce the BIOS start time? Is it possible to disable the intel splash logo?


      System description:


      Mainboard: DP55KG
      BIOS-Version: 4905
      Processor: i5 750s (4 cores @ 2,66 GHz)
      Memory: OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 Platinum Low Voltage Dual Channel (2 x 2 GB)
      Graphic card: Zotac GeForce GT 240
      Disk: Kingston Solid State Drive


      Thank you very much!