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    60 sec connect delay with Intel Wireless-N 7260




      I have a Windows 10 1803 64-bit Lenovo Yoga (all latest updates installed) with Intel Wireless-N 7260. Within the last few months, wireless is taking approx 60-sec to connect when the system boots or comes out of sleep. Once it connects the connection is great (never drops). The system is about 10ft from the wireless access point and initial connection behavior is repeatable regardless how close I get to the AP or if I go to a different location (e.g., library).


      Intel® Driver & Support Assistant reports the system is running the latest driver (4/29/2018 - and this behavior started either around the last Intel drive update (around when Windows 10 1803 shipped) - so I can't tell if it is a Windows issue, Intel issue or combined. The 7260 wireless worked great with all previous Win 10 builds (I kept updating the 7206 driver as the Intel Drive and Support Assistant published them).  I'd prefer not to rollback to Win 10 1709.



      - Are their any Intel diagnostics I can run?

      - Is there a newer driver we can try that hasn't been published yet via the Intel Drive and Support Assistant?