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    Software Starter Pack code not working


      Hello Intel Support,


      I got this, "$300 value," software pack of video games with the laptop i bought. The laptop is working great, but the code for the software is not working.

      Here is what ive tried so far:

      - Entering the master key in the designated website for redemption. > (The submit button does nothing after being clicked, and no site is loaded.)

      - Intel's Starter pack support and FAQs > (Both are broken links and broken web pages)

      - Two different Intel starter pack websites, as posted by the support members. > (More broken pages)

      - I have tried these websites on both Edge and Chrome web browsers. > (Identical results)


      Since I have already attempted to go through (https://starterpack.intel.com/#/support & https://softwareoffer.intel.com/Redeem) for help, and failed, please skip that step of help.


      I appreciate all efforts used to resolve this issue.