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    i7-2600 motherboard all SATA II ports dead - Help!


      HI everyone,

      I've had a Gateway DX4850 (win7 64) for a few years and about 2 years ago got malware'd a bit. Since the malware was cleaned-up the CPU has been fair, not great!

      Though at about the same period of time I noticed that none of the SATA drives which were installed into any other than the Blue (I assume 6gb/s) ports were functioning.

      I've done all that I can think of doing (clearing CMOS, setting/saving and resetting BIOS for SATA = AHCI, reloading driver on controller (IDE ATA/ATAPI, Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controller), searched Intel to be sure there were no newer drivers, attempted as many of the MS updates which seemed to be for win 7 stability and drive access, and bunches more).

      I've not attempted any register edits since I am not savey without assistance to be in there.


      So my question is - can anyone assist me getting all these other SATA ports functioning again?

      I truely don't feel either the Controller Chip(s) nor motherboard has failed - mostly since I really feel this occurred due to a malware attack couple years ago.


      thank you