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    DP55KG Control Center 30% CPU usage on Idle


      Control Center Problem 3.jpg


      As soon as I close Control center the CPU usage goes back to normal, 1% to 5%

      any Ideas?

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          Yes... I have an idea


          It's the IDCC itself that causes high CPU usage, I guess from all the monitoring that's going on? I wondered this myself when I looked at it in the beginning, asking "is my CPU *always* running at 20% idle load?" -- the answer is no, as you have discovered, as soon as you close the program out, CPU usage returns to a much more normal 1%-2%.


          So no worries. Mine does it too. Just chalk it up to the program being CPU intensive for whatever reasons.

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            Yes but, the previous version of IDCC did not do it. The CPU usage never went up with the older version. I updated BIOS and drivers with no help.Also it crashes sometimes when you make chages to your settings using IDCC Changes like like fan speed or bus speed, I cant put my finger on it its erratic. For all these reasons I don't use it anymore.


            I am very disapointed with this intel board and with Intel suport on this forum as you can see no one but you has replied to this issue.  I got a replacement board and I stil have issues with it crashing. I stoped using the XMP profile and the problems seem to have stopped. I was so fed up with these issues I have not used this computer since i posted this thread. W will see how it does. I am in school and work so I dont have time to mess with it. I bought Intel so I wouldn't have these issues. Sorry for the rant.


            BTW I am using CORSAIR Dominator for memory and Corsair power supply and the Corsair H50 cpu cooler. No cheap parts here.

            If you cant find the older version of IDCC let me know.

            Good luck

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              Ivan, personally, I feel that the IDCC is a very buggy piece of software, and is unpredictable. There is no reason after a fresh OS install, installing the chipset and RAID drivers that I install this and it gives me errors in the event log about problems. I use it strictly for monitoring purposes, and any changes I want to make to settings like clock speed or any changes that could negatively affect my system, I do directly from BIOS. Remember, features were added, such as auto-tune, and other extra features that could have added overhead to this program. I simply can let you know that it does the same thing on my system, on two different clean Windows installations (takes up a minimum of 20% CPU when the rest of the system is "idle"). Of course it's never really idle, since there are always processes running in the background, but it seems to always INCREASE whatever overhead i am already using by 20% or more.


              Here is a good reason why you may have trouble with XMP profiles. It almost got me once. Depending on your brand of memory, XMP can act in  unpredictable ways, or do things "the hard way" than  you'd expect.


              For instance, my memory is made by Gskill. It is 1333MHz memory, with XMP profile to overclock to 1600MHz.


              If you were to simply want to overclock the memory, what would you think the easiest thing to do would be? Personally, I would just change the DDR multiplier from x10 to x12, and the effect is accomplished. If you use the XMP profile rather than doing it manually, it will DROP your DDR multiplier down from (in my case) x10 to x8, then it will increase your base clock to 200MHz! This is because base clock of 200MHz and DDR multiplier of 8 = the XMP speed of 1600MHz. This is horrible news if you have Turbo Mode cut on! This potentially would allow my chip, an i7-860 to reach up to 5.2GHz!!!!! Talk about instantly frying your CPU out. I caught it before I saved it, but that is scary to think what that would have done.


              If I were to make some changes like this in IDCC, it would simply make me reboot and make the changes, and I would have never been able to review exactly all of the changes that it would have made to my system. I no longer can assume because I change one simple setting, that no other settings will be changed. I suggest you take a look in your BIOS and look through all of your values to make sure they are what you expect, when you have the time.


              Sorry it took so long for me to get a response to you, but I haven't been on this board in several months, myself. If you are simply wanting to monitor things, I suggest RealTemp (free) or HWMonitor (free, also pro version). The first one only monitors your individual core temps, but will show them all in the tray, either individually, or as an average, plus requires no installation and is very lightweight. When I run this, my CPU usage does not jump anything noticable like IDCC does, thus showing me it's just the IDCC software causing it. HWMonitor is not all that great for this board, as it doesn't pick up most of the sensors, like ambient, PCH, voltages, etc... and I don't find it very reliable.


              So it's a trade-off... use up the CPU or choose an alternative program, I guess. You know you don't have to keep it open for your changes to stick, so why not open it, make your changes, then close it out immediately, that way you don't have the CPU usage problem?

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                completly agree, teh software is a complete resource hog. Also completly agree that if you want to overclock, or modify anything that can be done manually in the BIOS then do it manually in the BIOS. It is the same with the .exe bios update, i never trust any software that plays around in BIOS form windows.....way too many variables.

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                  I can't believe I still have this problem. Updated Bios and drivers today.




                  You can click on the pic to see it better. I am also having stand by issues. I just want to overclock when encoding a movie and clock back down when I'm done without having to reboot, hell the fans don't even speed up even when past 70C I have to reboot and turn off the fan control in the bios so it ruuns at 100%

                  I had problems with this board from day one, I got a replacement and a whole new set of issues.

                  I want a refund.