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    Mobile Intel 945GM express chipset controller 1 problem!!


      Hello to every and all! Okay so my boyfriend is an avid World of Warcraft player. Has been playing for 3 yrs now. I have only been playing recently but I enjoy the game. The issue is that we use a Gateway MT6821 laptop. Specs are as follows:


      Windows Vista Home Premium SP-2 32-bit

      Intel Core 2 Centrino Duo CPU T5200 @ 1.60GHz

      2 GB Memory


      The display adapters that are installed are the Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset Family.  Whenever we play the game we end up with a black screen for about 5-10 seconds at the most and the game resumes play. Of course that can pose a problem if you are fighting other players or against evil/good folks.  I have gone to the Gateway website and even used this site as well to see what I could possibly do to fix this problem. When the black screen disappears there is an error message bubble that states "Device driver igfx has stopped responding and has recovered successfully" or something of that sort.  When I went to take a look at the device manager it says that "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware because a previous instance of the device driver is still in memory. (Code 38)".  As time has gone on it happens more frequently. I really like this laptop but will soon be purchasing my own next month for school. Please can someone help us! I've done everything possible to try and fix it so we can enjoy the game and extend the life of this laptop! Thank you very much!