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    Nuc8i7hvk becomes slow after boot and programs hang and dont respond


      So shortly after windows boots everything starts to hang. Does not matter what it is. I could open up chrome browser, video games, file explorer, ect. I notice it most on my video game emulators. It goes from as soon as i click it and running to almost 2 minutes before it loads. After that i can open anything for an example settings in windows and it will take 2-3 minutes before it opens. Same in the file explorer. It will say its working on it and it will take minutes to open what my $200 desktop can do in seconds. I have tried fresh windows install, I am up to date on all my drivers and bios is up to date. This is frustrating considering how much this cost and I did not touch it for months thinking it was a driver issue of some sort. Any help would be great thanks.