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    Firmware SS4000E fs-bc-v1.4-b709.pkg


      I am looking for the fs-bc-v1.4-b709.pkg firmware file for the SS4000e system

      so I can keep using this older unit with larger drives


      Thank you

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello rdenney, 

          I was reviewing your case and I would like to share with you the link in order to download the firmware version: 1.4b709 for your Intel Entry Storage System SS4000-E. 

          Please check the link below: 
          Open Source Software for Firmware Revision 1.4

          Also, if you are not familiar with the update process. Please check the information below for more information: 

          The firmware update cannot be run from within the standard Web interface on the NAS though. One must go through a particular procedure to follow through on it:

          1. Download the 1.4 firmware file from the SS4000-E Download Page .
          2. Extract the files from the downloaded file and save them to your hard drive on your laptop, desktop, server, etc.
          3. Backup the data on the SS4000-E to another system. (Important to note that data on the array(s) will be destroyed during this process!)
          4. Shutdown the Intel® Entry Storage System SS4000-E system
          5. Unplug all hard disks installed in the Intel® Entry Storage System SS4000-E system.
          6. Boot up the Intel® Entry Storage System SS4000-E system
          7. Login to the system by browsing the main web page: 
            1. http://Intel Entry Storage System SS4000-E system’s IP Address/ (Ours defaulted back to - so we set the workstation's IP to static .102)
            3. NOTE: this will display the system initialization screen, not the login screen. DO NOT insert the hard drives.
          8. Enter the following url to display the firmware upgrade page: 
            1. https://Intel Entry Storage System SS4000-E system’s IP Address/system_init_vendorF.cgi
          9. Select the v1.4 software package file (fs-bc-v1.4-b709.pkg) to update the flash firmware. (We put it on the desktop of the system we were on for simplicity)
          10. After the previous step completes, the system should be rebooted but without the disks inserted. After the system completes the boot sequence, the disks can be inserted (one at a time while the system is running and wait for the disk LED to illuminate) and scanned for (scan for each disk after the LED illuminates) and the firmware reinstalled. If the firmware package is installed and the disks are reinserted prior to rebooting the system, the system will boot off the drives and not properly complete a clean install. The drives must be inserted while the system is running for this process to complete properly.

            Note that the firmware update process takes a quite a while.

            Also, once one logs in at the Management Web page, the NAS will have picked up a set of IP addresses from the internal DHCP server again. So, make sure to reset the workstation's IP back to DHCP after step 7.

            All in all, the process went very smooth.

            We will also now be utilizing the Active Directory integration on this particular NAS unit to manage user access. This feature simplifies data and folder permissions leaps and bounds over the built in Samba share structure.

            Thank you for contacting us about your product.

            The interactive technical support for the Intel Entry Storage System SS4000-E you have requested has been discontinued. We can provide you with resources and self-service support information through our website. We highly suggest that you get information from the product support site [https://communities.intel.com/community/tech/discontinued-products / 
            https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/discontinued-products.html] and all available technical information is included on the support site. 

            Best Regards,

            Emeth O. 

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              But there is no PKG file in that download

              The file is a ZIP

              and after expanding it, it has two folders, the Firmware v1.4 folder

              has the Linux files in it. and don't seem to have been made into a PKG type file

              and I am unclear how to patch the system