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    D435 is not work ...


      Hello, I have four D435 and one of them doesn't work.

      I don't know the cause because I didn't show up in the Device Manager.

      How do i get it repaired??

      Or is there a way to try to find the cause???

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          RealSense cameras cannot be sent for repair.  You can file a claim with Intel for a replacement camera if you purchased it from Intel's online Click store.  Details of filing a returns claim can be found in the link below.


          Refund Process for Intel® RealSense™ Developer Kits


          It may not be necessary though, as the camera is likely fixable.   Here are some initial actions to try:


          -.  Is the camera detected in the Device Manager if you plug it into a different USB 3 port (if you have more than one).


          -   Have you tried inserting the camera into the USB port quickly and firmly instead of inserting slowly?


          -   When you have hardware that is having problems, Windows' built-in trouble-shooter tool may be able to help.


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