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    Intel Optane not detected please help


      Hello, I recently bought a Intel Optane 32GB SSD and have it installed. As for my Hard Drive I used MBT2GPT.exe to convert my HDD to GPT so I can boot Intel RST w/ UEFI and CSM Disabled.

      After I have done these steps I have installed the Intel Optane Memory driver. Once the driver has been installed, the Setup tab says the following: "X No compatible disks for Intel Optane memory" although, the Device Manager is detecting the device as "INTEL MEMPEK1W032GA".

      What am I missing?



      MB: ASUS B250M PRO4

      CPU: Intel i7 7700k

      GPU: MSI GTX 1070TI

      RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB