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    use depth_image_proc/point_cloud_xyz with rosbag file




      I'm recording the topics "/camera/depth/camera_info" and "/camera/depth/image_rect_raw" from D435 to a bag file. While playing the bag file I would like to start a node that converts the depth image to a pointcloud2 message. I think therefore I have to use "depth_image_proc/point_cloud_xyz".


      This is how you do it in your launch files:




      <node pkg="nodelet" type="nodelet" name="points_xyz_sw_registered"

                  args="load depth_image_proc/point_cloud_xyz $(arg manager) $(arg bond)" respawn="$(arg respawn)">

              <remap from="camera_info"             to="$(arg depth)/camera_info" />

              <remap from="image_rect" to="$(arg depth)/image_rect_raw" />

              <remap from="points"     to="$(arg depth)/points" />


      But in your cases always the realsense node is running. I think that's the reason why you can use nodelets with pointers. In my case a nodelet is not working. Is this right?

      How can I generate a poincloud2 message from a bag file ? Or do I have to record other topics from "realsense2_camera_manager" to simulate a running realsense node ?


      Thanks for your help!