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    Intel Mini Slammer (25A) Damaged?




      After setting up Intel's 25A Mini Slammer and Controller Board, I believe something may have been damaged on the input drive circuitry.  Here was the list of events:


      -Mini Slammer & Control board were all connected before power was applied to Controller or DUT

      -Power applied to the Intel Controller Board

      -Power applied to DUT

      -Started Function Generator at 100mV.  No Iout was seen so I slowly increased all the way to 2.9V input before I noticed my DUT was not enabled.

      -Enabled DUT

      -Dialed the function generator down to 100mV, noted Iout was now present at output (J7).

      -After a few pulses, the Iout signal completely dropped out, and was no longer pulsing, regardless of the function generator input. 


      Would the +2.9V square wave applied to the J14 input damaged any of the circuitry?


      Thank you.