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    Pinning question


      I see that in order to use the pinning function of optane you need at least a 32gb module....Why?

      I have a 16gb module, according to my monitoring I have over 13gb free all the time, when running games, using art programs, 3D rendering programs etc.

      And yes its enabled and reported as working.

      So why is pinning only available on 32gb models, are not the modules the same hardware wise other than capacity?


      System is Acer Predator 3000, i5 8400, 8gb system ram, 1TB sata hdd, intel b360 motherboard, 16gb intel optane module.

      Windows 10 (64bit).

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          Al Hill

          I would like to see that intel b360 motherboard.  Are you sure it is not just a b360 chipset on some Acer board?



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            Hardware info 64 reports:

            Bios American megatrends inc R01-A0

            Motherboard model Acer Predator P03-600

            Motherboard chipset Intel B360 (Cannon Lake H)

            Mainboard version V:1.1

            Mainboard serial number DBE1111001823003249100


            Onboard Intel SATA controller (enabled)

            Intel optane+932GBHDD (Firmware revision 16.0)

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              I will re-ask my question as I am unsure why my system board manufacturer should be an issue...there are many manufacturers of mainboards incorporating the Intel B360 chipset.

              It is my understanding that Intel optane memory modules are supported on boards with this chipset, I currently have a 16gb optane module working fine, my question was why the option to pin folders, files ect to the optane module is not available on optane modules of less than 32gb size.

              The restriction seems to be based in the optane driver or utility not the physical optane module itself.

              Is there a valid reason why the option to pin is missing from 16gb modules or is it just a way for Intel to sell higher capacity (ie. more expensive) versions.

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                Al Hill

                I asked about the motherboard because I suspected you were incorrect, and you were.

                That is all.


                Now, be patient and wait for one of the Intel support engineers to assist you, which will likely be Tuesday, US time.



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                  Intel Corporation
                  This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                  Hi pejole1965,

                  Thank you for posting in the Intel communities.

                  As you may know, pinning enables customized responsiveness by allowing the selection of specific files, folders and applications to be accelerated. In order for this feature to work, a portion of the module is specifically reserved for the most accessed content/system files and user pinned content. This feature is not compatible with the 16GB module version because there is not enough space for it to work properly. This uses the logic of the Intel® RST driver.

                  I hope you find this information useful and that your concern has been clarified.

                  If there is anything else I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to ask.

                  Have a nice day.

                  Diego V.

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                    Thankyou for your answer, but I'm a little confused.

                    If I have a 1TB drive (standard sata disk drive) with 500gb of files on it there is no way a 32gb optane module could cache all that information any more than a 16gb module could.

                    I understand a portion of an optane module will be reserved for caching files as that is its job, but technically speaking wouldn't a 32gb module cache 32gb of files the same way that a 16gb module would cache 16gb of files.

                    So why cant we the end user's decide what we want to cache.

                    I also understand that pinning files/folders will reduce the amount of cache left for the "smart" software to use...but once again this has nothing to do with the module's initial size, unless you are saying a 32gb module reserves 16gb for users, in which case if the user never pins anything is 16gb of a 32gb module permanently unused?

                    What I am trying to get at is why Intel have decided to specifically exclude 16gb module owners from using a feature.

                    You state in your reply there is not enough space on a 16gb module for pinning to work, well if I want to pin a folder with 1gb of files in it I don't see the difference from doing that and doing the same on a 32gb module.

                    Unless as I said above the larger module has a user reserved area, in which case people are buying a product of which half the available memory may never be used.

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                      Intel Corporation
                      This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                      Hi pejole1965,

                      I understand your point.

                      Please let me investigate on your concern to see if I’m able to find additional information about it. My previous reply was based on the information available in the FAQ section for the pinning feature: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000029020/memory-and-storage.html

                      I’ll post my findings as soon as possible.

                      Have a nice day.

                      Diego V.

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                        Thankyou very much.

                        I would appreciate you investigating this further, I too read the pinning requirements section, but could find no real explanation why it is not available on 16gb modules.

                        Please bear in mind that the 16gb optane is the most affordable, and also is the one fitted to the majority of affordable end user machines.

                        The pinning function being made available on this module size would be of great benefit to a lot of consumers I would imagine.

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                          Al Hill

                          Affordable = decreased cost = decreased feature set



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                            We have yet to ascertain if that is the case...according to the Intel reply it is a function of the driver, not a limitation set in hardware.

                            As far as I am aware there is no difference other than capacity as far as the hardware is concerned.

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                              Al Hill

                              "there is no difference other than capacity as far as the hardware is concerned."


                              Then, why does the 16gb module not have the statistics capability?




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                                If you use the driver and utility version the statistics do show for 16gb modules.

                                That driver version is still available even tho it has issues. Try it and see for yourself.

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                                  Al Hill

                                  Incorrect.  It is not available on the version either.



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                                    That version of the driver/utility was recently re written, the version I have (same author date, same version number) shows a graphic of the optane + hard disk as opposed to a text version, also shows statistics, and does not show total ram as optane + system ram.

                                    If you check other posts in issues section you will see people asking for clarification on that driver version issues, also a post from me showing that version was crippling usb transfer on my system, hence I installed the older 1030 version.

                                    I still say that I believe there is no difference in hardware between the 16gb and 32gb versions of the optane module other than capacity and that the functions and reporting are merely limited by the driver/utility.

                                    Below is an image I found of the display I described as I am unwilling to re-install that version just for a screenshot  because of the issues. I am awaiting a statement from Intel as to why pinning is not available on the 16gb version.


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