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    Intel 8625 Wi-Fi radio won't enable


      Dear users,


      I'm faced with a bit of an odd problem at the moment. I have a desktop PC (Asrock Z370 Extreme4 based) that I wanted to add bluetooth to. The motherboard has space for an E-key M.2 slot and I purchased an AC-8625 to fit in there. The I/O shield has two cutout holes for the antennas to fit through and while finnicky the install went pretty smoothly. Once booted up and in Windows I installed both the wireless and the bluetooth drivers from the Intel website. They both installed fine and the device is recognized in Device Manager. Now here's the issue. I can't possibly get the Wi-Fi to turn on. Whether I enable it in the Config Panel or in the bottom right Network & Connections tab. The device simply won't turn on. Bluetooth on the other hand works absolutely fine and dandy. Reception is great and the soundbar I had planned on using it with sees it and communicates well with it. That said, I do want the wireless to work because if the product is faulty I can still RMA it as DOA. I have tried a wireless USB stick and that seems to work just fine, so I don't see it being a Windows settings issue. Am I missing something here or is my unit simply broken?


      Windows 10 x64

      Asrock Z370 Extreme4



      Kind regards,