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    RealSense stories in 2018 you may have missed


      Hi everyone,


      We highlight interesting stories about RealSense on this forum or receive news from RealSense users, and sometimes they go past before many have seen them.  So below is a list of some of the news from recent times.


      1.  CloudCompare point cloud software

      Re: D415 Windows Hello support


      2.  RealSense 400 Series tablets

      Panasonic launching a Windows tablet with RealSense 400 Series camera


      MobileDemand release rugged tablets with RealSense D415 option


      3.  LIPScan 3D 3D model scanning for the 400 Series

      LIPScan 3D with RealSense D415 - YouTube


      4.  Naked Labs AR mirror

      Naked Labs and their RealSense 410 smart mirror


      5.  Green screen effects with WildKey

      Green-screen effects with RealSense D435 and WildKey


      6.  MATLAB wrapper added to RealSense SDK 2.0

      librealsense/wrappers/matlab at master · IntelRealSense/librealsense · GitHub


      7.   LIPS SDK 3D recognition middleware

      LIPS SDK for RealSense D400 Series V. is now available on LIPS website.


      8.  Nuitrack skeletal tracking SDK

      : Accurate hand/skeletal tracking options for D4xx series

      Re: Person tracking


      9.  The vvvv Toolkit for prototyping and development

      Using RealSense D430 with the 'vvvv Toolkit' software


      10.  ROS2 support

      ROS2 support for RealSense 400 Series cameras now available