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    How many antennas for 3165?


      Hello helpers,


      I am looking forward to buy a new desktop laptop. My favourite choice does not have a wifi card included.

      After contacting manufacturers customer support they told me that 3165 (1x1) or 9260 (2x2) is the right one.

      There is only one pre-drilled hole in the desktop housing to install a external antenna.

      So I would go for 3165.


      Now I saw on the pictures of 3165 that there are two connector plugs (Aux and Main). So, why?

      I do not understand.


      My assumtion was to buy 3165 + one antenna cable (MHF 4 to RP-SMA) + external RP-SMA antenna (6dbi).

      And done. Is that right?


      And does it mean, that 9260 then requires everything in double (2 antenna cables + 2 external antennas)?


      Thank you in advance for helping.

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          Al Hill

          You can view the number of antennas on Intel wireless cards here:

          Intel® Wireless-AC Products


          However, that is not all that you need to know.  Consult with the laptop provider first, and pay attention to paragraph 4 here:

          Regulatory Information Regarding Wireless Hardware Installation or...



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            That does not bring me one step ahead, sorry.


            1. Product sheets. No news. I already wrote, that 3165 is 1x1. But why are there two connectors? (Aux and Main)?


            2. Paragraph 4 states: "If you have already performed the integration, it is important to understand that it may not work due to hardware or software compatibility issues or dependencies."

            I do not understand what you are trying to tell me. I dont own this computer. I want to buy it and contacted customer support upfront. They told me 3165 would fit.


            Besides, it is not a laptop. It is a desktop.


            Sorry even more confused.

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              sorry for being so pushy, but is there no one able to anwer my questions?

              Question is:

              Does Intel AC 3165 need only one Antenna cable (connectors MHF 4 to RP-SMA) + one external antenna (connector RP-SMA)?

              Why are there two connectors (Aux and Main) on the card?


              As I already wrote. I did not buy the system so far. But would like to know all the preconditions, so I can start right away with the proper setup.


              Thank you in advance

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                Al Hill

                It is a holiday weekend here in the US.  Just show some patience.


                I would not expect an answer until Tuesday, US time.



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                  Didn't know that. Thanks for the hint.

                  And of course: Happy holiday!

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                    Intel Corporation
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                    Hello, Aircan. Thank you very much for contacting the Intel Communities Team.

                    Let me share with you that the Intel® Dual Band Wireless AC 3165 has two antennas; the main is for wireless and the auxiliary is for wireless and Bluetooth.

                    It is worth mentioning that Wireless antennas are generally provided by each OEM, as they will need to fit each computer's chassis. Antennas are also subject to country-specific legal regulations, and may be found in different gain and power configurations. 

                    Replacing wireless antennas can be considered a wireless integration on it's own. Due to international regulations Intel® does not support wireless integrations. We recommend you speak to the manufacturer of your equipment for support on wireless integrations and replacement parts.

                    Antony S.

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                      Intel Corporation
                      This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                      Hello, Aircan.

                      I would like to know if you have any additional question. If so, please do not hesitate to reply to this thread.

                      Antony S.