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    Realsense viewer log file


      I seek to obtain a log of any errors that occur while recording a .bag file using Realsense Viewer.


      This is related to my other question about saved output files, as well as my issue with USB errors.

      Re: USB SCP/REC overflow

      Realsense-viewer: recorded ROS bag output file path

      As noted in those posts, we have noticed USB errors in the past, and I tried setting LRS_LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG, with no apparent results. I would prefer that no errors occur. Failing that, I would like a log of errors that occurred.


      DETAILS: Other users recorded from a pair of D435 cameras on a Windows system, and then sent me a pair of bag files. The users did not report any problems, but I noticed that one of the bag files is less than half of the size of the other, and seems to cut off after about 5 minutes of a 12 minute recording session. I assume that an error occurred, and that one of the cameras stopped recording. In future data collection sessions (of which there will be many), I want to ask our users to send Realsense Viewer log files as well as the .bag files. How can I get these log files?