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    TLER/ERC/CCTL capable drives needed for PCH RAID?




      When choosing RAID hard drives for using together with P55 boards, are TLER/ERC/CCTL capable drives needed for a more stable RAID set up?

      According to an old ticket http://communities.intel.com/message/11995#11995, an Intel engineer claimed ICH7R used to have a 10 seconds limit for a RAID member HDD to reply to R/W commands before declaring this HDD not responsive. Is it still the case for P55 chipset boards?




      p.s. I am still in the process of confirming whether CCTL or the maximum time for ERP(Error Recovery Procedure) and Reassign function is the right term used in Hitachi DeskStar/UltraStar in this regard.

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          Since there is not much progress getting an answer(with technical documents referred) from either local Intel Customer Service Center or this community forum, I tried Live Chat support. An Intel support told me that he had not found any document giving more details in this regard. But, he will check with Intel geographical support center in my region and find a way forward.


          In the mean time, welcome to share or discuss:


          1. Is there a TLER/ERC/CCTL-like time limit for P55/PCH? Where is it noted in the Intel documents?

          2. Is this time limit user configurable or driver versions specific? Or, is it hardwired in the chipset/hardware?

          3. Once a CCTL-enabled hard drive sends an error message to P55/PCH when hitting the drive-preset time limit mark(i.e., usually shorter than the RAID controller's time limit) to avoid being dropped from the RAID array, will P55/PCH take over the error recovery process for the troubled hard drive? Or, PCH just waits a little longer for the hard drive to finish its error recovery process. Will P55/PCH handle TLER, ERC, and CCTL compliant hard drives differently in this regard?

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            Intel China promised to look into this one on 5/7 to see if S.M.A.R.T is used instead of TLER/ERC/CCTL for RAID array member disks management. They will also try to find the answers to my previously posted three questions. BTW, it is eerily quiet for RAID concerned users!