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    AC 7265 with good adaptor ? Mini pcie to M2 Bluetooth problem


      Hi guys.


      Normaly, Intel stop the wifi 7260 production.


      So, we would like to update the new ac 7265  M2.2  support with adaptor mini pcie for a lot of motherboards in a company



      Wifi connection works



      But,i have got a bluetooth connection problem. Hardware, i use this adaptor : Ableconn Technologies


      Drivers update is ok but in device manager, there are 3 errors messages :




      It correspond to bluetooth problems... For exemple, i try to send with my phone a picture by bluetooth. Bluetooth connection with my phone is ok but when i try to transfer, i have got a error message in my phone. ( same procedure with 7260 card, no problem, it's working)


      It is possible to help me ?


      We use WIN 10 IOT with last update...




      I try an another adaptor but it is the same errors messages with 7265 wifi card.



      Is Intel purpose a official solution to update mini pcie to M2.2 ?



      Thank's to come back to me