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    Firmware Update Question


      Just built a new PC. First time builder so alot this is new to me.  I have an ASUS P6X58D-E motherboard with i7-930.  I also have 2 WD 1TB caviar black for my files and an intel x-25m g2 for the OS and apps.   I want to put the 2 HDDs in a RAID 1. Problem is when I configure for RAID in the BIOS it turns all the SATA II (3 Gb/s) ports to RAID, which was ok until i tried to do a firmware update on the SSD. The directions said it has to be in IDE or AHCI to complete the update.If i change my mobo settings back to AHCI or IDE just for the firmware update, what happens to my RAID array?  Will it be deleted?  I also read that AHCI is turned on when RAID is on, so would that qualify?   I was thinking of just putting the SSD on the SATA III(6 Gb/s) just to avoid the problem in the future. Hope someone can help me out. Thanks. Forgive me if i didnt provide enought information.

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          HI... I would unplug the data and power cable to my RAIDed drives. Switch over to IDE, plug the SSD in, update the Firmware. (SSD drive should be on  SATA port 0 or 1 to update Firmware. When finished, plug the RAIDed drives back in, switch back over to RAID in BIOS, and you should be good. I switch out RAIDed drives all the time (WD V-Raptors RAID 0 has Win7 Pro on them. Take them out, put my Intel SSD's in hooked up to RAID 0, Win7 Pro, and on we go. Make sure to plug them back into the same ports they come from, or else you get no boots.

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            oh man!! thanks! you saved me. I literally was about to start the firmware without the correct answer. I checked my email on another computer just in time.  It worked perfectly. Is the SSD tool box worth the download?? Ive been enjoying the whole PC enthusiast thing, even though im just starting. Thanks again.

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              Hi... wow, great. You are welcome. The Toolbox is not for RAID systems. So, if you continue with RAID, no, not worth the download, it will not work.


              Glad you have things working for you.

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                ooh i see. even though the SSD isnt in a RAID array, i still wouldnt benefit from The Toolbox?

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                  I miss understood, your SSD is not part of the RAID array. I have never had that config, so would not be confidant in saying yes or no. If I were to imagine, yes, seems the Toolbox would work. Also, with the latest Intel drivers (, TRIM should do it's job nicely. I do not think it would hurt to install the Toolbox and give it a shot.

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                    yea its the motherboard. Im not sure if thats normal but when you configure a RAID, all the SATA II ports are configured as RAID.  Even the CD/DVD. Its just not part of an array. If that makes any sense.  Thanks for the info.  Ill check out The Toolbox

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                      Yes, that is normal. You are configured for RAID, but that does not mean all your drives are part of the array. You are the one who selects which drives go into the array. So, with the new Intel drivers, this now possible to have a RAID array (not SSD's though), and still get benefit of TRIM.