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    Video tearing issue..  Need some advice

      First of all.. I'm on a Sony Vaio laptop.  Model no.  VGN-NW265F


      The graphics card is.. Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family


      Okay, so here is the issue.  This issue has been plaguing my computer since it came out of the box.  It has always been like this, so there is no user error involved here..  The issue is that whenever I play a video..  Any format of video, including playing a DVD..  There is a screen tearing that will run across the screen in a sort of flicker.  Similar to what happens in videogames, but not quite as apparent but still very distracting.  This happens in every video player I have tried, which includes Windows Media Player, VLC, DivX, Winamp, probably others..


      Anyway, I've updated to the latest drivers and that didn't solve anything.  I'm assuming this a driver issue, because I know it isn't a hardware issue (at least not an issue with my monitor) because the screen tearings occur even when I have my laptop hooked to an LCD TV via HDMI cable.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated, and if you need anymore information from me please let me know.