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    Can't update firmware with the current driver, but can't downgrade driver


      I'm running Dell XPS 9550 with the DSL6340 TB device on board and just updated my Thunderbolt driver to, using the official just-released Dell's driver.


      I've also realized that the newer firmware (27) is available, while I'm running 26.01. I've downloaded the FW package and tried updating but the updater produced the "0x219 SDK_PD_MISMATCH The controller and the file differ regarding PD existence" error message.

      The FW download page suggests to use the lower driver version in case of any issues - I've attempted that but I can't downgrade my driver as I'm getting the "newer version installed" message when running the installer.


      Is there any way to make this FW update happen? Will downgrading the driver really help? How to downgrade then?